How To Whip Whole Eggs

The method of whipping whole egg is usually used to make whole egg sponge cake, honey cake, chocolate cake and so on. Whipping whole egg is harder than whipping protein or whipping yolk, because the whole egg contains yolk, 1/3 of yolk contains lipid, lipid will destroy the egg bubble. Therefore, whipping whole egg take longer and it is less stable. The advantages of

Something About How To Choose Oven For Cake

Baking can not without the oven, even a clever woman [housewife] cannot cook a meal without rice. Let’s discuss something about how to choose oven for cake. Introduction|Domestic Oven 「Domestic ovens are divided into desktop ovens and embedded ovens」 Desktop Oven Embedded Oven Embedded oven, is the upgrade of small oven and the ultimate edition. It more and more people’s favorite because of its larger power, baking speed, good

Some Baking Knowledge About Butter

Although there is not a lot of knowledge in the baking, but there are some special attention to the details, such as butter, let’s know some baking knowledge about butter. Butter Liquefaction: Just use the smell of butter and moisture when making some desserts which is no need to whip butter, so the butter only should